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New: FLY with Melissa Rodway is the place to discover your next adventure. Listen to interviews from those discussing their experiences on the road less travelled. You will find travel posts, true stories, books, gear and more. Whether you are planning your first trip, permanently nomadic, or vicariously traveling the world from the comfort of your couch, there is something here for you.

FLY Travel Radio is a show about all things travel hosted by Melissa Rodway and currently broadcasted from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

FLY is the travel podcast for off the beaten path tales of travel and adventure. Listen in for storytelling at its best, with interviews from everyday adventurers discussing their experiences on the road less travelled.

Topics have included a woman leaving 'regular' life to live on her 25 foot sailboat in French Polynesia for 12 years, school friends creating a travel underwear brand, adventure travel companies discussing their latest off the beaten path tours, a brave soul hiking the Himalayas without modern day clothing or equipment, authors discussing their latest travel tales, a musician recounting his year of backpacking with his two adolescent kids …. these are the types of conversations you will hear on FLY Travel Radio.

The complete FLY Travel Radio library can be found on SoundCloud. The most recent shows can be found on iTunes.

The FLY Travel Blog is a place where you will find Melissa's personal insights into travel, adventure, and life in general. You will find books that Melissa feels are worth the read, equipment that she thinks is helpful, and trips that she has taken, or would like to take.

If there is a topic you would like to hear about, please get in touch! If you are interested in being a guest on FLY and/or know someone who should be, you know the drill – get in touch! Here is what past guests have to say about being on FLY.

If you have even one single drop of adventure in your blood, you will find something at FLY for you. FLY is for everyone, whether you have a full passport, are embarking on your first trip, or simply enjoy hearing the stories. There are no boundaries at FLY.

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