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Marika Pollak: Toronto Therapist

Marika Pollak is a downtown Toronto-based psychotherapist, with a successful private therapy practice for over 25 years.

Marika's approach to psychotherapy is based on Psychodynamic Theory, specifically on Self-Psychology. Knowledge from the areas of Attachment Theory, Trauma Theory, treatment of dissociation, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, and feminist analysis.


Easy to navigate and an informative resource for current and frequently asked questions for new therapy clients in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA. Contains easy-to-read content and helpful links, suggestions and Toronto Therapy community resources.


The look: approachable, professional without being too technical or clinical. Communicates Marika's expertise, extensive training and her integrity; is calm and reassuring; inspires confidence and trust.

Navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Information flow follows a logical path to the services. 360 degree branding from colours to fonts are consistent throughout the site.

Visit: Marika Pollak's website

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