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Using Dry Ice packaging and Dry Ice shipping, Frozen On Time has been shipping temperature-sensitive food and bio-medical products to North American and world-wide destinations since 1990.

From Dry Ice nuggets and Dry Ice rice to Dry Ice blocks and slabs, FOT offers a range of Dry Ice products for a wide range of food storage and shipping requirements.


Online showcase of Frozen On Time capabilities and expertise.
Key message: Frozen On Time provides convenient and easy one-stop shopping - all the expertise, service and supplies needed to ship temperature-sensitive products in confidence.


The look: freezing cold! Communicates the essence of deep, controlled cold without resorting to common metaphors of icebergs, penguins and polar bears. Clean, and visually rich. Custom digital photography: Images are photographed and digitally optimized.

Navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Information flow follows a logical path to the services and products. 360 degree branding from colours to fonts are consistent throughout the site.

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Frozen On Time

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