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Edna Sandler Judaica

Although it is no longer in existence, Edna Sandler Judaica created and sold unique and functional textile Judaica in original designs which were handcrafted using the finest quality fabrics.


1. A cost-effective and customer-friendly website that maximizes its sales and marketing potential without an expensive ecommerce engine.

2. Maintain the original website design (not by Avocado).


The overall look and feel of the current website remained the same as before. New images were digitally optimized to showcase the workmanship and customized feel of the products to their full potential.

The website architecture was overhauled to facilitate navigation and make it easier for prospective customers to find the products they are most likely to purchase. A customer’ s progression, from product location to placing the toll-free call, was rendered intuitive and straightforward by thoughtful construction and analysis of the website navigation and information flow.

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Edna Sandler Judaica